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Cannabinoid extractor applies advanced blockchain and tracking technology to strengthen integrity and traceability of products BOULDER, Colo., April 25, 2019  Feb 15, 2018 This small-cap cannabis stock is aiming big with a blockchain-based joint venture for the weed industry. Cannabis is kind of narcotic substance produced from a plant by the same name. Cannabis is legalized in some countries and some states of the U.S. Bitcoin in  Jan 3, 2020 TruTracker seed-to-sale blockchain-based cannabis tracker StrainSecure set to revolutionize the medical cannabis industry. Nov 22, 2019 Blockchain is making headway in the cannabis industry by improving consumers' and suppliers' trust. The Cannabis Blockchain project which is powered by the Industry. By implementing supply chain management and a trust & reputation layer, BitCanna aides 

BLOCKCHAIN: StatePass medical cannabis Electronic Medical Records (EMR) user-friendly and bilingual test messaging application et turnkey solution 

Definition, Vorteile, Nachteile: Was ist Blockchain? - Die Blockchain-Technologie weckt Hoffnungen über Industriegrenzen hinweg. Vor allem der Einzelhandel, die Logistiker und der Finanzsektor haben bereits viel Erfahrung gesammelt. Die Chance, schnell sichere Transaktionen in einem Netzwerk mit vielen Beteiligten abschließen zu können, will sich niemand nehmen lassen. Cannabis and Blockchain | How Pot Stocks are Embracing Technology

We apply artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency to improve cannabis health sciences, to improve the health and wellness of medical patients and enhance business growth.

Medical Genomics möchte Cannabis über die Blockchain verwalten Medical Genomics möchte eine Liste mit allen Cannabis-Genomen erstellen, die mithilfe der Bitcoin-Blockchain gesammelt bzw. gespeichert werden können. Dies soll sicherstellen, dass es nicht zu falschen Zuteilungen bei Marihuana-Bestellungen kommt. Schließlich handelt es sich um medizinisch, legales Cannabis, sodass es besonders wichtig ist Blockchain and Cannabis: Does it Work? - Strain Insider Paragon CEO Jessica VerSteeg used this campaign to promote her goal of “revolutionizing the cannabis industry, with a suite of blockchain based solutions.” Paragon’s vision is laid out a bit more clearly in its whitepaper. Not only is it seeking to invest in technical aspects, such as its own blockchain, but also political ones, as the The arrival of cannabis 3.0: blockchain and AI in the cannabis Global Cannabis Applications Corporation (GCAC) explains cannabis 3.0: the future of blockchain and AI in the cannabis industry. The evolution of the cannabis industry, referred to as Cannabis 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 details the progress of the industry and provides a roadmap forward into to true consumerism. How Blockchain Can Benefit the Cannabis Supply Chain | Business

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Marijuana and Blockchain: A Match Made in Heaven? | The Motley Marijuana and Blockchain: A Match Made in Heaven? This small-cap cannabis stock is aiming big with a blockchain-based joint venture for the weed industry. Cannabis and Blockchain - The Perfect Match | NewsBTC Regulations for both the legalization of cannabis, as well as cryptocurrency are still being decided, however now is the time to make a monumental global change, and shift in the right direction. With blockchain technology anything is possible.