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In order to prepare our students with the knowledge and skills valued by both employers and postsecondary educators, the Tennessee Department of Education 

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Rules and Regulations | Tennessee Secretary of State As provided by T.C.A. Title 4 Chapter 5, the rules and regulations are the current and official rules and regulations presented as the official compilation-Rules and Regulations of the State of Tennessee and are inclusive of all amendments, repeals, and/or deletions. Tennessee Laws & Penalties - NORML - Working to Reform Marijuana Tennessee HB 1478 (2016) Tenn. Code Ann, §39-17-418 (2015) Tenn. Code Ann. §39-17-428 (2015) Sale. The sale or possession with the intent to distribute between a half ounce of marijuana and 10 pounds is a Class E felony punishable with between 1-6 years of incarceration and a fine of no more than $5,000. House committee approves, advances medical cannabis legislation House committee approves, advances medical cannabis legislation. The measure would prevent those suffering from roughly a dozen maladies from being arrested and prosecuted provided they have a

Tennessee's ACT score dips slightly in 2019, but student participation rate hits an all-time high. Despite the slight dip, the exceptionally high overall participation rate shows Tennessee's free

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